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Abolut janakpur

About Janakpur..????
Janakpur is one of the holy and religious places. People known as one of the religious spot of Nepal. Janakpur is also a one place of fourdham like as Muktinath,Barah chetra,Damodar kunda. It is situated at 16 km far from Mahendra highway and the capital city of Dhanusha district and Mithila dham. There are many myths related with janakpur city like as king Janak and his daughter Sita, Ram, who are the great character of Ramayan and our holy book. Such character also appreciates the value of janakpu dham. Janakpur is also known as city of pond .there are many pond like as Ganga sager, Dhanush sager etc. which have its won identity One of the great temple janaki temple is also situated at janakpur city , which is made by tikamgad ki maharani bricha bhanu devi. This temple is also called as nawlakha temple. The cost of the temple at the time of prepared is nine lakhs that’s why it is called nawlakha temple.
Myths related to janakpur-
My home town is also Janakpur Dham. I was born there 20 years ago. I was spend my whole child hood. One fantastic story is related with janakpur dham. I would like to tell such story. Once the king Janak went to do his regular work in the morning near to the pond . At this time the daughter of the king, sita was clearing the house by sweeping the floor. Sita entered his father’s room and started sweeping, she pick up his father’s bow and clean every thing neat and clean but no one can to bring his heavy bow even to sake his bow. The king returns home and saw great change to his room, he asked his daughter and known every thing that sita bring his bow. He was socked that how can she bring………..?
Day by day sita grown up and she reached marriageable age. King janak wanted to marriage his daughter with a brave person. He declared that who can bring his bow that person is his daughter in law. By listening his declaration many person came to bring a bow. There is a crowed of men to bring the bow but no one bring his bow. At the same time Ram is also came to see such occasion with his teacher Biswa mitra. Ram was very tall and thin no one can guess that he can bring such bow but he can easily bring it and broke down in to three pieces. One piece dropped in to Dhanush sager, second piece threw in to dhanusha dham and last piece also threw next dhanusha dham. Such a way the marriage between sita and Ram ended.
Cultures and tradition-
There is also a great Ram temple, sankat mochan temple and Biwa mandap.Ran nawami is celebrate very happily. It is the day of sita’s marriage. On that day many people came from India and different place o f Nepal to see the marriage of Ram and Sita.Janakpur dham is also a capital city of Mithila Dham, Mithila has its won cultures and tradition. There are many festivals which are celebrated differently. We can see their art and cultures on the wall by preparing a pictures .they express there feeling by drawing a pictures. On the occasion of Dewali they draw pictures on the wall. Same as samachakewa festivals, jitiya festivals, chhath festivals etc. are the very important festivals of mithila dham. Similarly chattha is also celebrated as greatly. These are the cultures of Maithili.
Schools and colleges-
In janakpur there are large numbers of schools and colleges. The rate of literacy is very high. There are near about twenty colleges, the increasing rate is very high. One government college named as Ram sager and Ram swarup campus.there is also a big ground named as twelve bigga. At least 5lakhs people gather there for assembly. There is also a big Zone hospitals and many others private medical collages and other nursing homes. So the health facility is very good.
The environment of janakpur is hot. At the time of monsoon the tempters reaches very high similarly at the time of winter season there is very cold. The environment is very UN balanced. Some times very cold and some times very hot. So there is a great problem. At the monsoon season water is very dirty, cause of dirty water many common disease take a vital role and many people lose their their life.
Janakpur is one of the biggest city of teria reason. The population is very high. Fourth largest district of Nepal on the basis of size of population. The production of crops is also very good, mainly paddy, maize, barley etc. but the volume of production is decrease day by day cause of environment problem.s
There are many rivers and large volume of land is covered  by forest and it is the source of fuel. There are numbers of wild animals like tiger, lion, deer, bear etc. such wild animal also killed the villagers and destroyed many crops.

Lastly I would like to conclude my article o f janakpur Dham. It is the very precious city on the religious point of view. Each and every person must be reached there to observe the culture and tradition of Maithili. The art of Janaki temple is also admirable. If we visit janaki temple then we feel the value of the janakpur.   

Rama Mandir

Visit the Rama Mandhir, a pagoda-style temple built in 1882, which is located south-east of the Janaki Mandhir. On the Rama Nawami or also written as Ram Navami festival (the celebration of Lord Ram's Birthday), this temple gets thousands of visitors. Ram Nawami is also called as Chaitay Dashain, and it falls on Chaitra 13 2063 (Nepali Calendar) or April 27 2007 (English Calendar)

Mithila Culture of Janakpur

Mithila culture is found in the Terai region of Nepal such as the Janakpur region and also found all the way upto the Northern Bihar state of India. Legend has it that Janakpur was the capital of Mithila, and the palace of King Janak, Goddess Sita's father. Often Sita is known by many names such as Janaki or Mythili. Mithila culture is rich with its own language known as Maithili, and with its own traditions, customs, arts and music. Many Mithila arts and paintings have historical and religious meanings, such arts are produced by many villagers specifically women's draw paintings having colorful and thought provoking objects such as animals, Gods and Goddess which are painted on the walls of homes using simple colors such as clays and mud
About Ramayan

Ram and Sita
One of the greatest epics of all time is Ramayan, which is a Hindu story of God Ram and his wife Goddess Sita, their marriage, their struggle, sacrifice, and many facets of life. Ram marries Sita, then has to live for years in isolation from her before returning back to his royal palace. Sita is captured by Demon named Rawan. In the end, Sita disappears under the ground, and she is regarded as the Goddess of the Earth. Sita, the incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, is regarded as the perfect daughter, wife, and mother, and the most beloved diety in Hindu countries like Nepal and India.